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DMN: “We recommend Lee Kleinman for Dallas City Council District 11”

April 21, 2017

From: Dallas Morning News

Voters in the District 11 Dallas City Council race have a choice between experience and proven judgment, on the one hand, and untested enthusiasm on the other. We recommend they opt for the former, and vote for the incumbent, Lee Kleinman.

We have not always agreed with Kleinman, 57, a retired investor seeking his third term. But even when we disagree, we respect his thoughtfulness and consistency.

For instance, Kleinman believes Dallas should take a “pay as you go” approach to most improvements. We disagree, believing that responsible use of bond financing will speed up badly needed work on the city’s roads and other infrastructure.

But Dallas benefits from having this strong fiscal conservative on the council. His steady voice against higher taxes provides a meaningful counterbalance that is good for taxpayers.

Kleinman also has long argued that all of Dallas, including the North Dallas district he serves, benefits from stepped-up investments in southern Dallas. Last year, he supported in principle Mayor Mike Rawlings’ plan to greatly increase the city’s commitment to Fair Park and to turn over the management of that facility to a nonprofit foundation.

In 2014, he voted to create a tax-increment financing district for the massive new Dallas Midtown project at LBJ Freeway and Preston Road that would send 10 percent of the $400 million in expected tax revenues to redevelopment efforts at the struggling Southwest Center Mall in southern Dallas.

While we disagreed with the vote at the time, we heartily applaud Kleinman’s willingness as a North Dallas council member to support redevelopment of southern Dallas, for the good of the entire city.

His opponent, Candy Evans, 62, has gained a following for her real estate blog,, and she brings commendable passion to her campaign. But on too many issues — from her lopsided view of the ailing police and firefighters’ pension, to her support for redirecting some of the sales taxes Dallas shoppers pay for DART, to her preference for leaving the Trinity River as an unimproved “wild space” rather than as the center of a grand new park — we think hers would be a disappointing vote.