A successful entrepreneur with a long career of managing companies, Lee understands the challenges local families and businesses face. And as an active volunteer and civic leader for over 30 years, Lee knows that it takes a public-private partnership with engaged community leaders to build great neighborhoods. For 3 years Lee served as the Mayor’s appointee to the Dallas Police and Fire Pension Session. He led the managerial changes that included a new Executive Director as well as new outside service providers including, accountant, auditor, actuary, law firm, real estate advisors and money managers. Lee holds 3 certificates in pension fund management from the Wharton School. He remains the Mayor’s appointee to the Employees Retirement Fund for civilian employees.



Lee is a thoughtful professional who has immersed himself in local and regional transportation issues. Lee has also made road repairs a priority. With 13 other council people trying to move ahead of us on the priority list, we are lucky to have a skilled advocate like Lee. The bond program is stalled due to cloud of the pension issue. That is one reason Lee has worked so hard to solve this pension crisis quickly.


Police & Fire Pension Reform

Lee Kleinman has been the voice of reason on City Council. When it came to the tough Police pension issue which has put our City at risk, Lee has taken the lead to solve the problem.

There are those who want to give the Police and Fire Pension a $3 billion bailout and cause a massive spike in property tax and a massive reduction in City service. There are others who don’t want to give the Pension a dime, let it go bankrupt and damage our ability to hire and retain public safety employees.

Lee supports a reform solution that makes the pension solvent. This protects the City and our taxpayers.


Fighting Crime

Lee has always been a strong supporter of Community Policing, supports our police department and has done an excellent job fighting crime. Lee works hard to ensure our police officers work closely with local crime watch programs. And just last year, he voted to increase the pay of our patrolmen and women who keep our neighborhoods safe.

This investment is paying off. Crime is down in District 11 in key crime categories. Moreover, crime is dropping at a much faster rate than other areas of the City. District 11 has the 3rd lowest crime rate in Dallas.

Retired Dallas Police Chief Brown has endorsed Lee Kleinman for his tireless efforts in fighting crime and keeping our neighborhoods safe.

Every councilmember should do what Lee Kleinman does to keep crime low.



When Lee served us on the Parks Board, he was best known for promoting more efficient government and safeguarding the quality of life for Dallas residents. And as the founder of the Friends of Northaven Trail, Lee led the effort to enhance hike-and-bike trails throughout North Dallas. Lee knows how get things done at City Hall that will improve our neighborhoods. Soon, Northaven trail will stretch 10 miles from east of Central (US-75) to Stemmons (I-35E), providing families with safe, enjoyable hike and bike amenities.